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Videos and Talks

Unfortunately not all of the talks are available online. When available, links are provided.

  • Indian Health Service National Primary Care Group, Project ECHO talk on “Post-COVID ambulatory care”, May 2021 Link
  • Co-moderator of Primary-care Research In Diagnosis Errors (PRIDE) & Betsy Lehman Center (BLC) Learning Network, "A Breast Cancer Patient", March 2021
  • Mass General Brigham Program Directors Workshop, “Best Practices for Precepting and Virtual Care”, July 2020
  • Medical Grand Rounds, Brigham and Women's Hospital, "Rising too high: the case of a 40 year old man with diffuse body aches requesting detox", 11/15/2019
  • Rand Corporation, Invited Speaker for "Foundational Principles of Valuable Healthcare Innovation", 06/19/2019
  • Harvard Medical School Informatics and Innovation Fellowship Lecture, "Value in Healthcare, Software Development Methodology and Innovation", 04/03/2019,
  • Harvard Medical School, CLIMB Clinical Scholars Research Training Program, “Innovation in Healthcare”, 04/23/2019
  • Yale School of Management Innovation Bootcamp, Invited speaker for “The Principles of Agile/Lean startup to drive innovation”, 04/03/2019,
  • Harvard Medical School, Clinical Scholars Research Training Program, "Valuable Healthcare Innovation", 03/02/2019,
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital Phyllis Jen Center for Primary Care Provider Conference.- "Annual Wellness Visits", CME, 08/06/2018,
  • Harvard Medical School Informatics and Innovation Fellowship Lecture, "Software Development Methodology and Innovation", 04/04/2018,
  • Department of Medicine Medical Education Day, “The Educational Medical Record: Turning the tedious into the transformative”, CME, 04/12/2016,
  • Healthcare Messaging Conference, “Messaging without Borders – New Opportunities for Care Redesign”, 11/29/2017, Link
  • Yale School of Management, Invited speaker for “Promise of health IT on creating efficiencies in health care delivery, improving quality and enhancing patient experiences”, 02/20/2016
  • Albert Schweitzer Leadership Conference, “Reaching Beyond the Clinic: mHealth for Community Health Workers”, Narath Carlile and Christina Jeffrey, 10/24/2015
  • Harvard School of Public Health, Health Management, invited panel speak on Healthcare Entrepreneurship, 09/29/2015
  • American Medical Directors of Information Systems Symposium, “Innovation and Startups: Solutions that will make a difference”, Yiding Yu and Narath Carlile, 10/20/2014
  • Harvard College, Global Health Foundations: Systems Thinking, Process Mapping, Quality Improvement and Monitoring and Evaluation, a workshop session, 11/20/2014
  • Harvard Faculty Club, “Exploring Careers in Global Health and Health Policy: A Conversation with Practitioners”, February 19th 2014
  • American Medical Directors of Information Systems Symposium, “Future Leaders of Healthcare IT” speaker, Oct 1, 2013, Clinical Innovation + Technology, “Leaders on whats trending in healthcare”, Oct 2, 2013 Link
  • Masters of Public Health Practicum talk, “Clinical Communication”, May 2013
  • TEDx Dartmouth, Improving healthcare in Africa by improving communication, 2010, “Open Source, Cell Phones and Hospitals”, Link
  • IHI Poster Presentation (team leader) on Medical Student Use of Technology for Learning and Community, 2006