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Adventure is out there!

I’ve not written for a few weeks because my daughter and I just went on her 12-year-old adventure. I’ll write more about this later, but it was an amazing experience. Based on the hero’s journey, these adventures recognize the growth and development that happens every 3 years starting at 9 years old. This time my daughter guided us across Catalina Island on the Trans-Catalina trail, up and down mountains, around herds of bison. And while these are their adventures, I learned so much about my daughter and how she tackles the world, and about myself. Most of all, I learned how tough she is, and that many days in, even after six solid hours of hiking, she will decide on her own to pick up her pack and with silent strength lead on.

Sometimes it takes an adventure for us to see the powers that lie within our children and ourselves.

Adventure is out there. Make it happen!

Mar 31, 2022   Thriving, One Humanist Family
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